Agricultural Consulting

Our agricultural consulting is focused on solving soil chemistry problems on farms of various scales and diverse operations. We utilize analytical soil, tissue and water laboratories to investigate problems such as

  • soil and subsoil acidification and acid-base balance in agroecosystems
  • metal toxicities
  • soil and irrigation water salinity and sodicity
  • micronutrient deficiencies
  • solid organic waste composting and recycling
  • recycling wastewater via irrigation systems
  • detailed diagnostics of complex problems related to soil chemistry in agroecosystems

Problem solving is based on unified expertise in soil chemistry, water chemistry, and agricultural practices to produce models and field management protocols for on-site trials. Trial results and additional data are used to develop commercial management practices that improve productivity, reduce environmental impact and integrate system components to strengthen efficiency.

Resource Recovery Consulting

As scientists and technical innovators, we are able to combine our knowledge of chemical interactions in industrial wastewater processes with expertise in agriculture and soil science to devise methods for recovering and upcycling nutrients and other valuable resources from waste streams. Our services include, but are not limited to, phosphorus and nitrogen recovery from municipal waste, livestock manure, dairy processing waste, and food processing waste.

Consulting Ethics

NRU deeply respects the protection of intellectual property, business practices and trade secrets. As a resource recovery and agricultural technology company, we believe in the value of knowledge as a key ingredient in profitability, social equity and environmental stewardship.