Mauricio Avila, PhD - Technical Director & Senior Ag Consultant

Mauricio Avila, PhD, University of Wisconsin – Madison, is a Co-Founder of NRU and serves as its Technical Director and Senior Agricultural Consultant. With 15 years of experience in soil chemistry and agricultural research, he has published articles on soil chemical analysis methods and agroecosystems research. Dr. Avila has held numerous teaching, research, and management positions, such as teaching tropical soil science courses at EARTH University in Costa Rica, serving as Vice President of Research and Consulting at NORDIC, and lab manager of the Soils and Plant Analysis Lab (SPAL) at the University of Wisconsin Extension. He has also worked in the private sector on soil restoration projects, urban organic waste management, and organic agriculture. Dr. Avila’s wealth of scientific, technical, and management skills are vital to the success of NRU’s projects.