Menachem Tabanpour - President

Menachem Tabanpour is a Co-Founder of NRU and has served as its President since 2011, when the company was established. Mr. Tabanpour’s leadership, research, business, and management skills have brought NRU’s technologies from the lab to commercialization. He previously worked as the Vice President of Business Development at Centrisys-CNP and was a Research Specialist in the Department of Soil Science at the University of Wisconsin – Madison, where he worked on novel methods for upcycling nutrients. His experience and knowledge related to nutrient recovery technologies goes back to 2002, when he began research on controlled struvite crystallization under Professor Barak’s supervision. A technology was later patented with Mr. Tabanpour listed as a co-inventor. Since his successful research with struvite, Mr. Tabanpour has worked on numerous projects related to nutrient recovery and upcycling, leading to the current phosphorus and nitrogen recovery technologies that NRU is commercializing.