As a society, we face a dilemma: agriculture and industry need a sustainable supply of nutrients, yet the very same nutrients are eliminated from wastewater streams as waste.

Nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus are vitally important for agriculture and industrial processes. However, the current means of harvesting nitrogen and phosphorus are unsustainably energy intensive and straining our planetary boundaries.

After we consume nutrients in our food or use them in industrial processes, they are carried in wastewater from our homes and factories. If wastewater isn’t treated to remove nitrogen and phosphorus, these wastewater streams threaten aquatic ecosystems with deadly algal blooms.

Municipal and industrial facilities are tasked with the expensive process of removing these nutrients. However, current nutrient removal technologies treat removed nutrients as a waste product.

What’s needed is a way to bridge the gap between the immense demand at one end, and a problematic surplus at the other. NRU solves this inconsistency with technologies that recover nutrients as valuable products that are ready to be upcycled directly into the market.

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