P Recovery

NRU’s CalPrex® Phosphorus Recovery System is a patented technology that extracts phosphorus as a valuable mineral called brushite. The process is exclusively licensed to CNP – Technology Water and Biosolids Corp. – Kenosha, Wisconsin. Please see press release for more information.

Our process is uniquely efficient because it makes phosphorus fully recoverable. First, the phosphorus in sludge is solubilized so that it can be recovered. Then the sludge is centrifuged for solid-liquid separation. The liquid portion, which contains the soluble phosphorus, is reacted with calcium to create brushite crystals.

This innovative technology can recover 62% of the total phosphorus in a sewage facility, which is 150% more phosphorus than other technologies on the market achieve. A pre-commercial pilot was constructed in 2015 and has been validated through six different pilot demonstrations.